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Self-Discipline Changed My Life: How To Stop Being Lazy

It was easy to be lazy. In fact, a little too easy.
It was comfortable. It was what I desired.

But I didn't realize my desire for comfort was actually considered laziness - I just thought I wanted to relax, unwind, and "take care of it later" or "when I feel like it."

However, I felt that way most of the time. And that was the problem.

In negative ways, I saw this laziness play out in my relationship with my husband. I saw it play out at work. I saw it play out in my community connections, my relationships with friends and family, my health and physical fitness.

I was being lazy about a lot of things in life.

I didn't want to go grocery shopping or run "necessary evil" errands (as I call them) because for some reason shopping in general stresses me out. I'm convinced it's the crowds (social anxiety maybe?) or all the countless options to choose from that make it feel so stressful. And if I had already arrived home after work, there was N…

7 Simple Ways to Recover from Depression

Let's begin with a disclaimer...

There is not a one-shoe-fits-all approach to fixing depression. And this is not a clinical study with scientific data to prove it's effectiveness.

However, it does include scientific data and research.... and this is meant to be a no-pill / no-counselor approach to helping you find the most effective way to get rid of your depression or decrease symptoms for the long term. If you've tried all your options (including the ones I have listed below) and you are still struggling with depression, I highly recommend and suggest you seek a safe, medical alternative (medication), or consult with a reputable counselor.

There is nothing wrong with either of these approaches and they can be highly effective. But there are more natural and cost-effective ways of fixing depression that you should first consider -- which can help in the long-term, without causing any kind of dependency on a drug or a person to fix the issue.

Depression is considered a men…