10 Amazing Websites You Did not Know Existed

#1 Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a website set up by a nonprofit organization that scans and stores billions of web pages. You can type in something like youtube.Com. It shows you the entire history and you can pick a date like 2006. Scroll down and select a particular day and it shows you what that webpage looked like back then. You can even click on some of the sub menus and see what those look like. This is a useful tool if you want to go back in time and see what websites looked like. #2 Account Killer. Account Killer is a website dedicated to removing your accounts from a variety of different online services. It has 3 colors to show off. If it is listed in white is an easy way to delete your account, gray means it’s a little more difficult and you’ll see ones that are black which is very difficult to delete your account. You can click on any one of these choices and it gives you simple instructions for removal with direct links to the place on their website w…

Denton, Texas: Date Ideas

Denton, Texas. A great place to live with lots to do, see, and experience. And yet there has not been a solid, stand alone list of date ideas for all the Dentonites out there. Until now. 

Whether you're on your first date, second date, or 100th date, this list is for you. This isn't a list of every place you can go in the little d (or nearby), but it's a work in progress to keep adding date ideas in Denton. From free dates to fancy dates, you'll want to share this with all your couple friends. 

This might even be a solid list of fun things to do even if you're just hanging out with your buds. 

Comment below if you have any additional date ideas to add to the list.
FOOD | BEVERAGEJuiceJuice flight: Juice Lab Juice to-go and walk around the square: Everyday Nectar
Coffee/TeaCoffee and dessert: West Oak Coffee and food: West Oak, Zera Coffee Coffee and deep conversations: Zera Coffee Coffee and board game: West Oak, Jupiter House, Zera Coffee, Shift Coffee Coffee and wine/beer/…

35 Fun Christmas Party Ideas & Themes

If you're looking to throw a unique and fun Christmas party for your friends, family gathering, or company, there are many options out there when it comes to themes, activities, and more.

So, what's it gonna be?

Fun and Unique Christmas Parties:

Gingerbread House Decorating ContestAll guests bring their own GB house kitHost provides extra decorating candies, icing, etc.Everyone votes for their Top 3 favorite GB housesWinner with most votes wins a small prizeWhite Elephant / Chinese Christmas Gift ExchangeEveryone brings a gift of X amountGifts can be funny, gag, or nice -- unless the host says otherwise.You can also do themes -- all alcohol gifts, all gift cards, all gift baskets, all homemade gifts with it's recipe/instructions, etc.For rules on how to play, go here.For White Elephant exchange themes, go here.Establish the rules before the game begins.Scavenger HuntFor ideas, go to: hunts can:Involve everyo…

50 Reasons Why English Is The Most Complicated Language

You may say Chinese, Latin, whatever...

I'm not disagreeing that those are extremely difficult languages to learn (and in some sense, may be the hardest), but I have no desire or need to learn any of those languages right now. As a Texan, I think I'll find most benefit out of trying to re-learn my 4 years of Spanish skills from high school. Como se llama? (Obviously I'm advanced...)

I may be a "lone wolf" on this theory, but English seems to be one of the most popular languages LEARNED around the world -- I didn't say most well-known or most popular languages by volume. Mandarin Chinese blows all other languages out of the water, but China is obviously much bigger than America by population.

What I am saying is that English a very commonly learned language in countries all over the world. Every country I've personally been to so far (13 and counting), there's always been people who speak English. Maybe it's because Americans (and Asians) are said to …

The Ultimate Student Reference Guide: College Station, TX

Although I no longer live in College Station, I spent 4 years there as a student at Texas A&M University. I really enjoyed being in College Station, and still miss many parts of it today.

A lot of good memories, a lot of good friends, and a lot of fun times.

Whether you're new to town as an incoming freshman, an incoming graduate student, or just moving there for a job opportunity, I hope you will experience C-Stat to the "max" and enjoy it as much as I did during college.

Although everyone experiences this college town in a different way (and I encourage you to go out and learn about the "in's and out's" on your own), this guide will help you get started by listing some of the best places to go, places to eat, things to do, and things to know in the vastly growing town of College Station.

So, here we go.

Disclaimer: Last time I visited College Station was in October 2015, so I will try to update this as much as possible as I visit each time.

Best Places …