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The Ultimate Student Reference Guide: College Station, TX

Although I no longer live in College Station, I spent 4 years there as a student at Texas A&M University and enjoyed every bit of it. With that said, I haven't visited C-Stat in a few years, so hey, current TAMU students -- comment with your suggestions!

Whether you're new to town as an incoming freshman, an incoming graduate or transfer student, or just now moving there for a job opportunity, I hope you will experience C-Stat to the MAX and enjoy it as much as I did during my college years.

Although everyone experiences this college town in a different way (and I encourage you to go out and learn about the "in's and out's" on your own), this guide will help you get started by listing some of the best places to go, places to eat, things to do, and things to know in the vastly growing town of College Station.

So, here we go.

Best Places To Eat:
Los CucosRosa's Cafe ("Taco Tuesday"). Antonio's Pizza By The Slice (on Northgate, great for lat…