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The Ultimate Local Reference Guide: Denton, TX

I've been a Denton County local since I was born. But there are still those days when I have trouble finding new places to eat, places to go, and things to do around Denton with my friends and family. 

Sometimes, we just can't decide on where we want to go. 

I wanted to know the LOCAL HOT-SPOTS of the town, instead of all the obvious food and shopping chains that are anywhere you go  (Wal-Mart, Subway, Chili's, etc.) when you Google "food in Denton."

I also specifically wanted to know places that served frozen margaritas, had happy hour specials, bubble tea, restaurants with an outdoor patio, etc... 

So I decided to create my own blog.

Like a good Dentonite, I only listed places that are locally owned or semi-locally owned (i.e. started in Dallas or nearby, and then expanded to Denton).

**I am "advertising" these local businesses for free without endorsements or any affiliation.

What can I say, I [heart] Denton.

LOCAL = started in Denton, locally owned.

Fast Food Breakfast Places & Items

The Likely Scenario:

You're employed.

You work a regular hour shift (8am - 5pm).

You're running behind and rush out the door, off to work.

Your commute to work is around 30 minutes.

You didn't have time to make breakfast at home, so you decide to look for a drive-thru on the way to work -- somewhere you can grab a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

As you drive along, you can't find any good fast food places that serve breakfast, or at least ones that you know of. You didn't notice a good place to stop until it was too late -- after you had already passed the exit and didn't have time to turn around. You continue to drive until you see another drive-thru place pop up along the way...but that place never pops up.

By now, you've already arrived to your destination and without any breakfast. (At least the office has a coffee maker.)

Your stomach growls at 10am.  Lunch isn't until 12pm. You wished you had stopped somewhere to grab breakfast.

"Next time,&…

Top 15 Must-Have Items for the Home

As I mentioned in the Top 15 Affordable, Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets blog, I could have a list over over 100 items that I love in the home.

But I decided to break it down to only 15 items in my life that have really made a big difference...ones I can't live without and might call "life changing" necessities.

I will forever continue to use these items, and I hope you will enjoy what I share with you as well.


When-In-Need (WIN) Flip Flops:

We set a pair of medium sized flip flops near the front door of our house. There is a bright colored ribbon tied on one of the shoes for a reminder that these are not for wearing out-and-about.

Since we don't usually wear shoes in the house, these flip flops are designated only to be used for quick outdoor tasks and don't want to have to scrounge around for shoes to put on before we do our task. Our most common tasks include when we need to walk out to the mailbox, …