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For years, chips have been the American way of snacking. Chips are delicious, crunchy snacks that can satisfy our everyday cravings. They are also known to be a common side dish to meals (especially at lunch), an appetizer option for many restaurants (especially Tex-Mex, served with salsa/dip), and even a base ingredient for meals (such as nachos, hard tacos, frito pie, etc.). Chips are usually eaten at lunch, dinner, and even as "in-between" snacks.

But for the majority of chip history, they have not been a very healthy snack. 

Until just several years ago, new chip companies and chip products have started to bloom with much healthier options. In fact, did you know Kettle Brand chips were the first non-GMO chip product that was produced for consumers?

Continue reading for the Top 10 Healthiest Chips for snacking (not in order).

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