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How to Cook The Best Scrambled Eggs

Cooking scrambled eggs seems like a really easy task that everyone should know how to do. Right? Wrong. Scrambled eggs may be an easy task, but making GOOD scrambled eggs takes skill. Lots of breakfast restaurants and fast food chains don't make good scrambled eggs because they either use powdered egg mix *gag* or they use a quick-and-easy method for getting eggs cooked (a.k.a quantity over quality, which usually makes them taste bland or have a weird texture). The scrambled eggs I make require a little extra time, patience, and a strategy. The key to getting scrambled eggs that have a good mixture of egg whites, hardened egg yolk, and your typical scrambled egg look is to cook them slowly. The texture makes a huge difference, whether you eat them plain or in a breakfast taco. From drab to fab, I say! Tip: If you want added flavor, add 1 tsp of homemade bacon grease to your non-stick pan for every 2 eggs. (Bacon grease is the leftover grease from cooking bacon in a frying pan. …