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When in Europe: Tips For First Time Travelers

Here are some things I did on a 3-WEEK guided tour trip all over Europe. 

I will list the top things I did, and let you know if you need to know any specific tips. 

When in Amsterdam / Holland:
     At the Anne Frank house, you CAN take a picture of the bookcase door that opens up before you go up the stairs to the living area…but you can’t take a picture of anything else during the tour. The bookcase door is the best part anyway, in my opinion.    The "Red Light District" is... interesting... and you probably want a tour guide to get you through to feel safer and to understand the things you see, including bars that sell items that Amsterdam is popular for (weed and absinthe).    Hook of Holland    Cutest little Holland town with windmill homes.    An hour drive from Amsterdam...only good if you want to split a shuttle or something with multiple people or it may be expensive to get there. I'd still say it would be worth it.    Bike ride tour / rent bikes in Holland    Holl…

Ultimate Cruise Packing List

Before you go on a cruise (especially for first time cruisers), you'll want to have an idea of what to expect before you just take off on a 5+ day vacation... on a boat... in the middle of the ocean.

Even after being on multiple cruises, I still get nervous and stressed out before I go on a cruise because I don't want to forget something, do the wrong thing, or have anything less than a great experience.

Cruises are great vacations for many reasons and I believe everyone should take a cruise at least once in their lifetime. So I hope this list will help prepare you on what to pack, what to do, and other tips for having the experience of a lifetime.

Important Documents Passport or birth certificatePassport must be valid through entire trip.If your last name has changed but you haven't gotten a new passport, you must register under the name that is shown on your passport. Valid ID / Driver's LicenseHave 2 "copies" of passport and IDYou can do this by scanning th…

35 Fun Christmas Party Ideas & Themes

If you're looking to throw a unique and fun Christmas party for your friends, family gathering, or company, there are many options out there when it comes to themes, activities, and more.

So, what's it gonna be?

Fun and Unique Christmas Parties:

Gingerbread House Decorating ContestAll guests bring their own GB house kitHost provides extra decorating candies, icing, etc.Everyone votes for their Top 3 favorite GB housesWinner with most votes wins a small prizeWhite Elephant / Chinese Christmas Gift ExchangeEveryone brings a gift of X amountGifts can be funny, gag, or nice -- unless the host says otherwise.You can also do themes -- all alcohol gifts, all gift cards, all gift baskets, all homemade gifts with it's recipe/instructions, etc.For rules on how to play, go here.For White Elephant exchange themes, go here. Establish the rules before the game begins.Scavenger HuntFor ideas, go to: hunts can:Involve eve…

Best Strategies For Finding A Job

Because we live in a technology era / digital culture / Google age (whatever you want to call it), our daily lives and routines have evolved in order to adapt to it, as well.

....And that includes looking for a job.

Although many of the "traditional" ways of looking for a job are still somewhat relevant (and wouldn't hurt to try if you are desperately looking for a job), there many effective ways of finding a job online, as well.

Today, I will show you both online and offline ways of finding a job.

Online Ways:SOCIAL MEDIALinkedIn:Profile Update:Before you do anything, make sure your profile is up-to-date. This includes getting recommendations from previous employers, adding skills, asking to be endorsed for your skills, adding your resume, experience, background, involvement, contact info, etc.Connections: Don't be afraid to connect with "big wigs" of companies you would like to work for. This could be anyone from the owner, CEO, HR, Manager, or anyone you…