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White Sangria With St. Germain: Easy & Delicious

I had never made homemade white sangria until I threw a small "craft party" with some girl friends. I looked up tons of different recipes for white sangria, but my goal was to use what I had. So I came up with this recipe.

You probably won't already have the same things in your fridge as I did in mine when I made this sangria, so you can do one of two things: 1) go buy these ingredients, or 2) be creative and make your own sangria based on what you have! That's pretty much what I did, and it turned out amazing!

The best part is... NO SUGAR ADDED!

I mean, you'll get your fixin' of natural sugar/sweetness in the fruit and wine, but there's no need to add any extra to this one.

I wish I had a better picture of what the sangria looked like (the white one... the red sangria didn't turn out as amazing, so I won't give you that recipe). Since the picture doesn't do it any justice, I decided to add a fancy font and dingbats to make it look even more …