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My Pinterest-Heaven Wedding

Undeniably, my wedding was a "Pinterest Heaven." But when you have a Pinteresty wedding, there's one thing you MUST not forget to do: add your own personal touches and creativity.

You don't want your guests remembering your wedding as "just like everyone else's." There needs to be something that makes your wedding YOUR'S. And the things that made my wedding different than anyone else's gave the guests an even more special experience...things that they'll never forget.

(Special thanks to Hannah Gamble Photography):


Luckily, my parents already had a big red barn in their backyard. Yee-haw!

You can't live in Texas and not have some cactus growin' in yer backyard! 


Because my dad is owns a landscaping /tree service business,  all of these awesome
wood slices were free! And of course, the pine cones were free. The vases are spray painted
wine bottles that I saved over time.

My husband and I both grew up in the same tow…

6 Effective Networking Tips (From A Public Relations Person)

As mentioned in The Power Of Networking: Why It's More Important Than Advertising & Marketing, networking is extremely essential in business success.

But if you already know and understand the power of networking (and why it's so important), then it's time to move on to the important stuff: HOW to network effectively.

1) Be genuine and be yourself.

That sounds like a no-brainer. But people can easily get caught up in acting like someone they're not when they get around a group of people they don't know very well... whether it's in networking, going to a new party, interviewing for a new job, meeting your new coworkers, cold-selling a product or service, going on a blind date, etc.

But if your intentions are to build relationships, build trust, and grow your sphere of influencers (which you should.... if you truly understand the power of networking), then why would you want to start off on the wrong foot by being fake? If you're intentions are to get to …

THE POWER OF NETWORKING: Why It's More Important Than Advertising & Marketing

When It Comes To Success, Networking Is MORE Important Than Advertising.

Disclaimer: You do need an advertising / marketing strategy. You should have some form of it (big or small), but it's not the most important way to increase new sales, clientele, or referrals.

Advertising, marketing, and networking go hand-in-hand. You can only go so far with advertising/marketing alone.... and you can only go so far with networking alone (maybe a little further, but still not far enough). You need both advertising, marketing, and networking to grow in your business's success. This concept applies to businesses who sell products, businesses who sell services, businesses who are small, businesses who are large, headhunters, job seekers... a.k.a. everyone.

But why does NETWORKING contribute more to success than advertising and marketing?

White Sangria With St. Germain: Easy & Delicious

I had never made homemade white sangria until I threw a small "craft party" with some girl friends. I looked up tons of different recipes for white sangria, but my goal was to use what I had. So I came up with this recipe.

You probably won't already have the same things in your fridge as I did in mine when I made this sangria, so you can do one of two things: 1) go buy these ingredients, or 2) be creative and make your own sangria based on what you have! That's pretty much what I did, and it turned out amazing!

The best part is... NO SUGAR ADDED!

I mean, you'll get your fixin' of natural sugar/sweetness in the fruit and wine, but there's no need to add any extra to this one.

I wish I had a better picture of what the sangria looked like (the white one... the red sangria didn't turn out as amazing, so I won't give you that recipe). Since the picture doesn't do it any justice, I decided to add a fancy font and dingbats to make it look even more …