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Facial Products: Effects of Mixing Different Brands

Is mixing different brands of makeup and other beauty products okay? Yes and No.

Most people believe brands "recommend" that you to buy only their products so they can get more sales, even though on the back of the bottle it says "for best results." 
Honestly, the brand is telling the truth. Everyone has different skin chemistries and balances. But the important thing to remember here is using the same brand will give you the best results. Any given brand's products were all chemically designed and formulated to work well with one another. 
In general, mixing up different makeup brands is okay. But everyone is different. Everyone has different skin chemistries and may react to certain brands or makeup applications in different ways. For some, applying different brands does not affect them at all, but for others, it causes their skin to break out in acne, rashes, or worse. 
Mainly, facial products are NOT recommended to mix different brands with for a…

Dave Engledow's "World's Best Father" Photo Series

Dave Engledow is a photographer that became popular from his photo series with his daughter, Alice Bee. They have been on the Today Show and others for his creative and funny photos of Dave being "The World's Best Father." Notice how he has his favorite coffee cup in every picture!

World's Best Father

Eating Spicy Seoul Food


 The Dishwasher

 Fry Daddy

Workout Partners

 Pizza Night

 Hammer Time

 Over The Top

 Lighting Assistant

Home X-Ray

CSI (Cookie Stealing Investigation)

Feeding Time

 Future Olympian

 Ballet Master

Cats VS. Dogs

Also go to:


Don’t stink.Very soft fur coat.Very lovable and perfect for cuddling. They usually have great personalities and can be very entertaining to play with.Don’t have to be walked.Don’t have to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.Very low maintenance petsDon’t have to be played with or given a ton of attention. But usually receive it gladly when you want to give them attention. Clean themselves, you never have to give a bath.Don’t have to be fed each time they are hungry. They eat when they are hungry so you can leave out a bowl of food and not worry that it will be emptied in one day.Potty trained extremely fast as a kitten, without much effort. Just stick a litter box nearby!Can catch and kill all the rodents pestering your home basement or attic.If you go on vacation, you normally won't have to get a pet-sitter. Cats can fend for themselves and won't eat all the food you lay out at once. Th…

Types of Stretches and Exercises

Standing lunge


Plank (regular)

Side Plank



Toe Touch

Calf raises (on stairs)

Calf raises (standing on ground)

Calf stretch (using wall)

Calf and hamstring stretch (without the wall)