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50 Reasons Why English Is The Most Complicated Language

You may say Chinese, Latin, whatever...

I'm not disagreeing that those are extremely difficult languages to learn (and in some sense, may be the hardest), but I have no desire or need to learn any of those languages right now. As a Texan, I think I'll find most benefit out of trying to re-learn my 4 years of Spanish skills from high school. Como se llama? (Obviously I'm advanced...)

I may be a "lone wolf" on this theory, but English seems to be one of the most popular languages LEARNED around the world -- I didn't say most well-known or most popular languages by volume. Mandarin Chinese blows all other languages out of the water, but China is obviously much bigger than America by population.

What I am saying is that English a very commonly learned language in countries all over the world. Every country I've personally been to so far (13 and counting), there's always been people who speak English. Maybe it's because Americans (and Asians) are said…

Healthy Halloween Party Food: Snacks, Desserts, and Drinks

Halloween treats and foods are normally high in sugar, low in nutrients. To kids, Halloween is all about the candy. So how can we throw a Halloween Party that will not send everyone running to the dentist afterwards? Serve foods, snacks, and drinks that are healthy, delicious, and still revolve around the theme of Halloween.
DIY Halloween Party Decor & Ideas:
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Singles, Couples, & Groups:
(Non-Healthy) Halloween Party Food: Snacks, Desserts, and Drinks: _______________________________________________________________

Veggie Plate "Candy Corn" with Dip

Pineapple, Oranges, and Whipped Cream

Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins

Pumpkin Fruit Plate

Apples, PB, & Marshmellows: Teeth


The Ultimate Student Reference Guide: College Station, TX

Although I no longer live in College Station, I spent 4 years there as a student at Texas A&M University. I really enjoyed being in College Station, and still miss many parts of it today.

A lot of good memories, a lot of good friends, and a lot of fun times.

Whether you're new to town as an incoming freshman, an incoming graduate student, or just moving there for a job opportunity, I hope you will experience C-Stat to the "max" and enjoy it as much as I did during college.

Although everyone experiences this college town in a different way (and I encourage you to go out and learn about the "in's and out's" on your own), this guide will help you get started by listing some of the best places to go, places to eat, things to do, and things to know in the vastly growing town of College Station.

So, here we go.

Disclaimer: Last time I visited College Station was in October 2015, so I will try to update this as much as possible as I visit each time.

Best Pl…

The Ultimate Local Reference Guide: Denton, TX

I've been a Denton County local since I was born. But there are still those days when I have trouble finding new places to eat, places to go, and things to do around Denton with my friends and family. 

Sometimes, we just can't decide on where we want to go. 

I wanted to know the LOCAL HOT-SPOTS of the town, instead of all the obvious food and shopping chains that are anywhere you go  (Wal-Mart, Subway, Chili's, etc.) when you Google "food in Denton."

I also wanted to know places that served frozen margaritas, had happy hour specials, bubble tea, restaurants with an outdoor patio... 

So I decided to create my own blog.

Like a good Dentonite/Dentoneer/whatever we're called, I only listed places that are locally owned or semi-locally owned (i.e. started in Dallas or nearby, and then expanded to Denton).

The best part about this blog is I am essentially "advertising" for these local businesses -- for free! They don't have to pay Google or any other site t…