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Smart Storage Ideas

Storage space is a BIG DEAL. It's important for potential buyers and when looking for a new home.
But even if you already have a home or looking for a new home that doesn't  have a lot of storage space,  YOU CAN ADD THESE THINGS to your home to increase buyer potential, space, and organization.
Living Room, Entry Hall
1) Built-in shelves under staircase
 2) Built-in storage components under staircase

3) Unique "globe" for alcohol storage
4) Hide laundry mat with doors to block noise, utilize closet space
5) Coffee table/foot rest, reversible, great for storage and convenience
6) Storage space in stairs
7) Pull-out shelves as a stepping stool
8) Hang baskets in entry hall for each house members mail/stuff
9) Corner desk saves room and looks great, utilize empty corners

1) Utilize space under cabinets for additional storage
2) Bui…