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Not A Fan.

"Not A Fan," by Kyle Idleman, is a bestseller Christian novel published in 2010. This life-changing book really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of what being a Christian really means. It explains the difference of being a "Fan of Christ" and a "Follower of Christ." I am Not a fan.

A VERY brief synopsis of the book:

Fan of Christ:
-knows all about Jesus, but does not have a personal relationship with Him.
-is an "enthusiastic admirer" and actively involved when things are going well, but when things go bad or don't go their way, they lose interest or enthusiasm and become less involved.
-commits to Jesus on Sunday mornings, but not every hour of the day and doesn't allow being a Christian to define/control their life
-talks to God occasionally before they go to bed or only when they need His help
-loves the "idea" of God and the things He has done
-continues to live life in order to gain temporary, worldly desires and material…