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100+ Free & Cheap Things To Do

Being "bored" is the same thing as being lazy (in my book). But having a tight budget doesn't limit doing fun or productive activities​. 

There are so many things to do for free or cheap, so being "bored" will become impossible to you. 

  1. camp in your back yard and look at the stars at night
  2. go fishing
  3. use magazine to make mosaics
  4. go to random places to take artsy pictures
  5. chalk on the sidewalk
  6. walk the dog
  7. soak in a bubble bath, light some candles, and play relaxing music
  8. paint your nails with cool patterns and colors
  9. clean out and organize your bedroom (or other rooms of your house)
  10. gather up items to donate to charity
  11. plant flowers or a garden
  12. pull weeds
  13. clean out the garage
  14. scrapbook
  15. journal, write a fictional story
  16. do a random act of kindness or good deed for someone
  17. make a music video or home video
  18. lay out and get a tan (wear sunscreen!)
  19. spend time and play with your pets
  20. write letters or emails to family members, update them on what's going on in your life
  21. catch up with old friends from high school or college
  22. make something completely new from scratch without a recipe book or any previous knowledge how to make it and just guess the ingredients/measurements (example: cookies, quiche, egg rolls, pie, pasta, salsa, etc). See how it turns out!
  23. learn a new language or re-study a language that you learned a while back but forgot most of it
  24. take your vitamins
  25. iron clothes hanging in closet that need it
  26. clean out and organize your game/video drawer
  27. pay bills and go through all of your mail, reply and send in your mailbox
  28. get paid to take surveys online
  29. make a homemade bird feeder (pinecone, peanut butter, seeds, and a string to hang in a tree) and bird watch
  30. order prints of photos from your camera and send to friends and family, or update your photo albums
  31. get a new hair style (or dye your hair back to "natural" so you don't have to spend so much money per month to keep your roots touched up)
  32. repair or replace something in the house that needs to be fixed or updated 
  33. start carrying an idea journal: anytime you think of something innovative, important, inspirational, creative, a funny joke, a comeback, a question you want to find an answer to later, or anything else, write it down.
  34. cook fancy dinner at home watch your favorite movie or have a movie marathonwatch a foreign movie with subtitles
  35. go on a bike ride
  36. cook fancy dinner at home 
  37. watch your favorite movie or have a movie marathon
  38. watch a foreign movie with subtitles
  39. go on a bike ride
  40. work out (fitness DVD, yoga, go walking, etc)
  41. play solitaire 
  42. read a new book at the local library, coffee shop, on your front porch swing, in hammock, or in your favorite recliner at home
  43. learn new cocktail or coffee recipes
  44. organize storage cabinets at home
  45. learn how to draw people or animals
  46. paint a canvas (if it looks weird, distorted, or doesn't make sense, call it "modern art")
  47. blog
  48. brainstorm and record creative ideas (invention ideas, businesses you could start, names of businesses, creative advertisement slogans, skits, logo sketches, girl and boy baby names you like, list of all your favorites--food, drink, animal, color, etc.)
  49. tarnish your silver and gold
  50. sell something at a pawn shop
  51. send an inspirational message in a bottle at a nearby lake or ocean
  52. do a Bible study
  53. add reviews to products/services/movies/etc on the Internet
  54. answer people's questions on or
  55. watch the History channel, Discovery channel, or 60 Minutes and learn something new
  56. watch old Disney or childhood movies
  57. pick some wildflowers and put them in a small vase
  58. pull weeds around the garden, flower areas, and pots
  59. play computer games
  60. start recycling bins at your house, or take your recycle bins to a local Recycling Center
  61. clean out and organize your attic/basement
  62. unsubscribe from all your spam/junk emails
  63. update your calendar with events, birthdays, appointments, due dates, and others
  64. download new songs and update your mp3 player or iPod
  65. download random free songs from iTunes or other sites and listen to them (you may find a really good one)
  66. learn a new vocabulary word a day: open a Dictionary to a random page and put your finger down, study and learn the word your finger landed on. 
  67. watch TED videos
  68. create a bucket list: places you want to go, goals you want to accomplish, things you want to do, foods you want to try, etc. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, look online.
  69. clean out your fridge and freezer
  70. pick berries and make berry pie or jelly
  71. swimming
  72. start a new hobby
  73. clean out and organize rooms in the house, donate unwanted or unneeded stuff to charity
  74. learn to knit or make a fleece tie-blanket
  75. rearrange furniture in your house or redecorate
  76. hand wash your car and clean the interior
  77. plant a small garden or try to grow a potted flower/plant
  78. learn a new useful task like changing your tires, learning how to drive a manual car, etc.
  79. pull harmless pranks on friends
  80. learn magic tricks
  81. volunteer at animal or homeless shelter
  82. volunteer for community service projects or help manage a 5K race
  83. browse around at an antique mall
  84. get involved at church, join bible study group or volunteer at event
  85. learn origami with dollar bills (great for tipping)
  86. go to a garage sale, or have your own garage sale
  87. sit in a lecture at a university and act like a student, learn from the professor
  88. design your dream house
  89. scrapbook
  90. have a Pinterest-Making Day (do the crafts, home décor, recipes, etc. from your boards)
  91. mow the yard
  92. water plants 
  93. go on YouTube and try learn how to fix something that needs repair in your house
  94. call grandparents, siblings, or parents and catch up a little
  95. try new hair or makeup styles at home (only if you're not going out anywhere that day...just in case you mess up badly.)
  96. join a local club of interest: book, sewing, running, golf, singles, bible study, garden, etc.
  97. wash your dog or cat, brush the loose fur off them
  98. check the air pressure on your car's tires to make sure they are not too low or high
  99. update your GPS, laptop and computer software
  100. find out how to take your home and cell phone number off government and telemarketing/spam calling lists
  101. give yourself a pedicure and manicure
  102. watch videos
  103. catch up on current news
  104. catch up on your favorite TV shows on Hulu
  105. practice a song on your guitar, piano, etc. or other old talent
  106. do yoga or stretch for better flexibility
  107. sell something on Craigslist
  108. donate plasma

      ...and MANY MORE!

      Just look around the house and see what you can do today.



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