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My Pinterest-Heaven Wedding

Undeniably, my wedding was a "Pinterest Heaven." But when you have a Pinteresty wedding, there's one thing you MUST not forget to do: add your own personal touches and creativity.

You don't want your guests remembering your wedding as "just like everyone else's." There needs to be something that makes your wedding YOUR'S. And the things that made my wedding different than anyone else's gave the guests an even more special experience...things that they'll never forget.

(Special thanks to Hannah Gamble Photography):


Luckily, my parents already had a big red barn in their backyard. Yee-haw!

You can't live in Texas and not have some cactus growin' in yer backyard! 


Because my dad is owns a landscaping /tree service business,  all of these awesome
wood slices were free! And of course, the pine cones were free. The vases are spray painted
wine bottles that I saved over time.

My husband and I both grew up in the same town and went to Chisholm Trail Elementary school... so it was only fitting to have "Chisholm Trail Mix." DIY trail mix station: peanuts, almonds, diced Twizzlers, m&m's, reeses pieces, cheerios, raisins, chocolate chips, diced slim jim's, hot tamales, etc.

That's supposed to be an infinity sign..

The debate between: #StuckWithStucky or #LuckyStucky... but I chose the former, 
only because of the engagement photo (below):

Now, back to the wedding...

DIY programs: Put one design twice on a 8.5 x 11" paper and cut it in half. Or put the design on 4 times if you want a smaller program. I also added a "Reception Check-List" for guests so they would stay entertained while the wedding party was taking photos. 

I printed off wedding questionnaires for guests while they were waiting for the wedding party to get done with photos during the reception. There were questions such as: favorite bible verse, favorite vacation spot in the U.S., fun date ideas, etc.

After First Look Photos

It pays to have a dad in the landscaping business. 
The backyard was already lush with beautiful plants and flowers! 


The big surprise: entering the ceremony on a horse-drawn surrey!
Thanks to my horse-loving neighbors. But what else do you expect 
when you live out in the country?

Our neighbor also offered surrey rides to the kiddos during the reception. 

Wedding Party

This is not photoshopped. First jumping attempt, too.... good job guys. 


Check out that tree trunk slice! Also from my dad's business. 

"Better Latte Than Never" coffee station sign.... maybe because we had dated for over 7 years.

It was a clear, beautiful night.... is that a comet or an airplane?

Note to self -- bird seed is a terrible idea. Hurts getting pelted by it or 
getting it in your eye, and sucks getting out of your hair/clothes. 

Special thanks to Noel Wiggins for our wonderfully-made wedding video 
that shows more details of the wedding decor and activities:


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