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Go Down Memory Lane at Texas A&M

These are photos taken and developed by my Aggie dad, Stanley Lovelace, Class of  '77. It wasn't until I graduated from Texas A&M that I began to appreciate these photos as much as I do now. I only wish my Aggie grandpa had taken photos, as well.

These are photos of the Corps of Cadets, Squadron 6 -- "Bonfire Committee" -- Fall 1976.

Wearing football shoulder pads (or some other kind of padding) to help ease the pain of the log's weight..

I can only imagine how big the bonfire was in Fall 1976, and how heavy each log must've been! Men on each side of a single log...and (as you can see) still struggling.

 This guy's probably wondering, "Why did I sign up for this?!" and maybe even, "Why am I wearing a polka dot cap?"

20+ men to carry a single log.... 20+ "Corps of Cadets" men, that is.

Time for a water break... looks like football practice with those shoulder pads.

Straightening up on campus...lookin' sharp, Squadron 6!

Sul Ross hasn't changed much since '77... maybe a wrinkle or two.

Graduation in May 1977, before Reed Arena was built. Located in no-longer-present G. Rollie White Coliseum (R.I.P.)


  1. Courtney - I'm Savage Six Class of '93 - could you send me an e-mail? I'd be interested in seeing if Stanley has more photos of his days in the Corps. I also maintain the alumni database, and am interested in the two cadets with nametags "Kingery" and "Spencer" - I don't have record of them being in Squadron 6.

    Thanks and Gig 'em,

    Joe Fix '93


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