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Top 15 Must-Have Items for the Home

As I mentioned in the Top 15 Affordable, Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets blog, I could have a list over over 100 items that I love in the home.

But I decided to break it down to only 15 items in my life that have really made a big difference...ones I can't live without and might call "life changing" necessities.

I will forever continue to use these items, and I hope you will enjoy what I share with you as well.


When-In-Need (WIN) Flip Flops:

We set a pair of medium sized flip flops near the front door of our house. There is a bright colored ribbon tied on one of the shoes for a reminder that these are not for wearing out-and-about.

Since we don't usually wear shoes in the house, these flip flops are designated only to be used for quick outdoor tasks and don't want to have to scrounge around for shoes to put on before we do our task. Our most common tasks include when we need to walk out to the mailbox, let the dog outside to go to the bathroom, or go out to the car to get something. Once the task has been done, the flip flops are immediately returned where they belong (near the door).

These flip flops have been a very convenient item for our home, as there have been many times where we just needed to spontaneously go outside to do something and really don't feel like going back to our bedrooms or the living room to put on some shoes.

Great spots for these WIN flip flops are in a mud room, near the garage door, near the front (or back) door that your car is parked by, or on the porch. If you have outdoor animals, keep this in mind when placing your WIN flip flops --as they may become chew toys or removed from their designated spot. If you have indoor animals, place WIN flip flops in a secure location that they will not be moved or destroyed by a pet.

Wristlet with iPhone Holder (For Women):

There are many different kinds of wristlets that have the ability to hold your phone. I don't know which brand has the best one (for an affordable price) but all I do know is that these are definitely a must-have.

Anytime I go out with my friends, this is the only thing I take. It holds my ID, phone, credit card, money, and a place I can hook my car key ring to the wristlet so I don't have to worry about losing it.

The last thing I want is a million things to carry around, or a large purse to dig through, when I am going out with my friends for the night. A wristlet with these storage components is the way to go, and now my only option for when I go out.

Teva's Flip Flops:

Teva's are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned, and they don't look like grandma shoes. Some people argue that they love their Chaco's and think they are the best shoes, but Teva's are cheaper and much more comfortable...and if you don't want to go for the hippie look, Teva's are the way to go.

Once you break these in, you can walk many miles before your feet start to hurt. I wore these on my first trip to Europe (toured 11 countries) and I can honestly say that without these shoes, I wouldn't have been able to walk half the distance that I did per day on my trip.

Ottoman Storage / Coffee Table:

You can find this kind of item at TJMAXX, Home Goods, or similar. But I love this item because it serves multiple purposes.

It's a coffee table, a foot rest, blanket storage, and a seat.

The top lid of the ottoman is reversible. One side is patted leather material, and the other side is a hard wood surface to set drinks on.

Car Coupon Holder:

I bought an accordion style, mini file folder with multiple sections. I use it as a coupon holder to put it in my car.

This is convenient for me because I always have my coupons readily available to redeem when I am out-and-about and want to use one wherever I go. Every time I get new coupons, I add them to the folder.

When I go through the coupons and notice some are expired, I throw them away.

I also named each section of the file folder with a different category, such as Fast Food, Restaurant, Services, Entertainment, Grocery and Misc. It depends on how many sections you have available to designate the different categories of coupons.

Car Kit:

Having one of these car kits readily available has been useful during my spontaneous "emergencies" (for non life-or-death situations). I mean "emergencies" as in "Great, I just spilled ketchup all over my shirt!"

Click here to find out why you need one and what  items you could add to make it an awesome -- or effective -- car kit:

White and Apple Cider Vinegar:

These vinegars are life changing. It's always good to have these around for any spontaneous moments that you might need it. You'd be surprised at how many uses, purposes, and home remedies these vinegars contribute to.

White vinegar: use to remove sharpie off of anything ceramic or glass (mixed with liquid dish soap), clean fruits and vegetables,  unclog drain (mixed with baking soda), and more remedies at:

Apple cider vinegar: attracts and kills fruit flies (mixed with liquid dish soap), controls appetite (take one shot per day), and more remedies at:

Felt Hangers:

I can't get enough of these. I think I buy a lot, but then I realize I wish I had more. Actually, I wish all of my hangers were like these.

From silk to cotton, spaghetti straps to wide neck tops, felt hangers hold up all kinds of clothes made with all types of materials. I don't need specific hangers for my tops with straps, nor do I need a specific hanger for my silk material clothes that easily fall off the hanger. Felt hangers are the solution to all clothes-hanging problems.

Plus, they don't take up very much space and good for small closet spaces! Find at Walmart, TJMAXX, Home Goods, Ross, and more.

Key and Mail Holder:

This is an essential gadget for the entry hall / mud room. As soon as I walk in the door, I want to throw my keys somewhere nearby, as a sign of relief that the work day is over -- it's that "it's good to be home" kind of feeling.

I love having a compartment that will allow me to hang my keys for easy access when I am heading out the door, as well as a place to put my phone or mail.

Mini Spatula:

You might not think this would be helpful or useful by any means, but there have been multiple times where I am glad I had one around to use.

Mini spatulas are great for serving small portions (such as cookie bars, banana bread, cake, etc). They are also good for flipping over small food items on the skillet.

Microfiber Towels:

These are amazing. No towel I own can dry a wet dish, counter, window, hair, or anything else better than a microfiber towel.

They aren't as cheap as regular dish towels, but a great investment....especially if you hand wash your own dishes.

You can thank me later.

LifeProof iPhone Case:

This is a little bit more expensive than the Otter Box, but a LIFE SAVER and way worth the price. I got mine for $70.

The very first day I got this case for my new iPhone, I was already thankful and got my "dollars worth" out of it. I dropped it and spilled a whole cup of water on it. Nothing bad happened to the phone.

This case is waterproof (up to 6ft of water), weather proof, dirt proof, shock resistance (not as tough as Otter Box, but still good at keeping it safe with a minor drop), and "Life" proof....or what I like to call "idiot" proof.

HDMI Cable Cord:

If you have a laptop with an HDMI cord access plugin, this is a great investment. And not an expensive one.

Also, if you don't have a "smart" TV that enables you to watch Netflix, Hulu, or other things that you can on your laptop, an HDMI cord will allow you to do this.

You can plug in your computer to your TV through the HDMI cord and watch Instant Play movies and sitcoms on Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Essentially, anything that can be seen/watched on your computer can be seen/watched on your TV screen.

Eno Hammock (outdoors):

You won't understand how this simple hammock type can change your life until you have tried one, relaxed in one, or slept in one.

There are one and two person hammocks that are super comfortable, super compact (the bag in the picture is the size of a football), super light weight, and super easy to assemble / disassemble. These hammocks are perfect for the park, lake, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor setting you want to go with trees or poles to attach it to.

I will no longer sleep on the ground in tents, nor read books on a blanket at the park. I bring this thing with me wherever I go. And they are becoming a trend!

Eddie Bauer Hanging Kit Bag:

This is the best traveling bag for all your toiletries, necessities, and beauty products. It is compact, has multiple storage components, and hangs so you can use it "hands-free."

I take this with me on all of my trips (big or small), and it holds everything I need for the time I am gone. I got it on sale at Eddie Bauer, but I would still pay full price for this life changing item if something bad happened to mine.

100+ Ways to Save $$ on a Tight Budget:


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