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The Ultimate Local Reference Guide: Denton, TX

I've been a Denton County local since I was born. But there are still those days when I have trouble finding new places to eat, places to go, and things to do around Denton with my friends and family. 

Sometimes, we just can't decide on where we want to go. 

I wanted to know the LOCAL HOT-SPOTS of the town, instead of all the obvious food and shopping chains that are anywhere you go  (Wal-Mart, Subway, Chili's, etc.) when you Google "food in Denton."

I also wanted to know places that served frozen margaritas, had happy hour specials, bubble tea, restaurants with an outdoor patio... 

So I decided to create my own blog.

Like a good Dentonite/Dentoneer/whatever we're called, I only listed places that are locally owned or semi-locally owned (i.e. started in Dallas or nearby, and then expanded to Denton).

The best part about this blog is I am essentially "advertising" for these local businesses -- for free! They don't have to pay Google or any other site to be referenced on this local reference guide. I would like to think that's proof enough to show my loyalty as a Denton local. 

What can I say, I [heart] Denton.

LOCAL = started in Denton, locally owned.
SEMI-LOCAL = started in an area near Denton (in Dallas metroplex), hot-spot in Denton.
NON-LOCAL = did not start near Denton, but still a place of reference to go.

Local Food Reference Guide

Mexican / Tex-Mex / Street Taco:

    • Local:
      • Mazatlan
      • La Milpa
      • Agua Dulce
      • Mi Casita
      • La Estrella
      • Killer's Tacos
      • Any Taqueria off McKinney Street
    • Semi-Local:

    Italian / Pizza

    Wings / BBQ / Chicken

      Burgers & Fries

      Chinese / Japanese / Asian

        Deli / Cafe / Bakery

          Greek / Mediterranean

            Cajun / Seafood

              Breakfast / Lunch

                Fine Dining / Date Night


                  Desserts / Candy / Bakery

                    Drink / Beverage Reference Guide

                    Frozen Margaritas:

                      Coffee Shops

                        Smoothies / Juices

                          Beer / Wine / Bars & Clubs

                            Outdoor Patio / Seating Area:

                              Daily Food Specials

                                Happy Hour Drink Specials

                                  • Denton Daily Drink Specials Guide
                                  • DentonWiki: Weekly Drink Specials
                                  • Denton Deals
                                  • Specific Specials:
                                    • Abbey Underground: $1 wells on Tuesday
                                    • The Labb: $1 wells on Thursday, $1 beers on all Mavericks/Rangers/Cowboys season games
                                    • Rockin' Rodeo: $1 wells, $150 domestics until 10PM on Friday and Saturday
                                    • Loophole: $1 drafts on Monday
                                    • Hooligans: $1.50 Ziegen Bock
                                    • Dusty's: $2 Shiner Draft
                                    • Lucky Lou's: $2 Margaritas on Monday
                                    • RipRocks: $2 double margaritas on-the-rocks on Thursday
                                    • Get a free shot at Oak Street Draft House after running their 5k (every Wednesday evening)
                                    • $1 Knotty Brunettes at Horny Toad every Monday.

                                  Want to know the best-of-the-best places to go, voted by locals? Go to "Best of Denton Guide."

                                  Entertainment Reference Guide

                                  Live Music

                                    Movies / Theatre Performances

                                      Things To Do (Seasonal)


                                      Other Guides:

                                      You can go to We Denton Do It for the in's-and-out's of Denton. 

                                      There are also student guides listed on the UNT/ TWU website and you can go to for a basic guide. 

                                      Only in Denton helps you find a local business in all other categories that are not listed on this food and drink guide (such as sports & fitness, real estate listing, arts & entertainment, medical & health, automotive, etc.) 

                                      (Any suggestions? Comment below.)


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