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"On-The-Road" Playlists For Commuters

There are two types of commuters: 

1) Road Ragers / High Stressers
2) Bored / Tired 

Sometimes, all it takes is a good playlist to calm your nerves or wake you up while commuting. Whichever it may be for you, I've got the perfect playlists to help your commute more enjoyable. They may not be the hottest new songs, but they get the job done.

Road Ragers / High Stressers:

Is this how you feel driving to or from work? 

Road rage and high stress while driving, especially in traffic, are very common. In fact it's so common that it's scary. Anger and stress can affect your driving in many different ways. Not only is it dangerous to your safety, but it's also dangerous to your health. 

But I've got good news for you! Listed below is the perfect "Road Rage Remedy"playlist that will calm your nerves and relax you a bit more....and don't worry, there's only a few classical/orchestra songs. 

Road Rage Remedy:

Top 32 Relaxing, Stress-Reliever Songs:

  1. The Long Day Is Over --Norah Jones
  2. May It Be --Enya
  3. Clair De Lune --Claude Debussy
  4. Hologram --Snowmine
  5. Breathe Me --Sia
  6. Stay --Rihanna
  7. I Think It's Going To Rain Today --Norah Jones
  8. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop --Landon Pigg
  9. The Reason Why --Rachael Yamagata
  10. Watch You Sleeping --Blue Foundation
  11. What A Wonderful World --Louis Armstrong
  12. Imagine --Jack Johnson
  13. Daughters --John Mayer
  14. If I Had A Boat --James Vincent McMorrow
  15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow --IZ
  16. Einaudi's "I giorni" --Daniel Hope
  17. Bruised Orange --Bon Iver
  18. Windmill --Winter Coats
  19. Wild Country --Wake Owl
  20. Come Away With Me --Norah Jones
  21. Home --Michael Buble 
  22. Gravity --John Mayer
  23. Angel --Jack Johnson
  24. Silver Coin --Angus & Julia Stone
  25. An Ending --Brian Eno
  26. Main Title --The Notebook Soundtrack
  27. I'll Be Seeing You --Billie Holliday
  28. Airstream --Electra
  29. Watermark --Enya
  30. Please Don't Go --Barcelona
  31. My Name Is Lincoln --The Island Soundtrack
And if you want "The World's Most Relaxing Song" (according to scientists):
  • Weightless --Marconi Union
    • Beware: You might fall asleep, so don't listen while driving.

Top 10 Relaxing Artists/Bands:

  1. Norah Jones (Easy Listening - Soft Pop - Jazz)
  2. Enya (New Age)
  3. Claude Debussy (Classical)
  4. John Mayer (Alternative - Soft Pop - Easy Listening)
  5. Bon Iver (Indie)
  6. Winter Coats (Indie)
  7. Michael Buble (Easy Listening - Jazz)
  8. Brian Eno (Instrumental)
  9. The Notebook Soundtrack (Movie Soundtrack)
  10. Coldplay (Soft Pop - Easy Listening)


Bored / Tired Drivers (especially in the morning):

Do you need something (besides coffee) to wake you up in the morning? Stuck in stop-and-go traffic and need to keep from dozing off?

Studies have shown that driving while tired is just as dangerous as drunk driving

Here's what I call a "Wake Me Up, Calmly" playlist. This playlist is the perfect balance of upbeat and relaxing tunes --because I'm sure not many really want to listen to head-banging rock songs or dub-step jams as soon as they wake up in the morning and go to work.

Wake Me Up, Calmly:

Top 30 Upbeat-Relaxing Morning Songs:
  1. Sunrise ---Norah Jones
  2. Fight For You --Morgan Page
  3. Everything --Michael Buble
  4. Radioactive --Imagine Dragons
  5. Cherry Tulips --Headlights
  6. Chugjug --Family of the Year
  7. Viva La Vida --Coldplay
  8. Safe And Sound --Capital Cities
  9. Lonely Boy --The Black Keys
  10. Welcome Home --Radical Face
  11. Fineshrine --Purity Ring
  12. Electricity --Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark
  13. Crystallize --Lindsey Stirling
  14. Lights --Ellie Goulding
  15. Miracle --Blackmill
  16. Angel On My Shoulder --Kaskade
  17. Paradise --Coldplay
  18. Chasing Pirates --Norah Jones
  19. Haven't Met You Yet --Michael Buble
  20. Feeling Good --Michael Buble
  21. I Do --Colbie Calliat
  22. Anywhere Is --Enya
  23. Princess of China --Coldplay and Rihanna
  24. Who'd Have Known --Lily Allen
  25. Beautiful You -- Monk & Neagle
  26. Ordinary Girl --Rebelution
  27. Mykonos -- Fleet Foxes
  28. Origin of Love --MIKA
  29. Galaxies --Owl City
  30. Worn Me Down --Rachel Yamagata

Top 10 Upbeat-Relaxing Artists/Bands:
  1. Norah Jones (Jazz, Soft Pop -- all albums after 2010)
  2. Morgan Page (House DJ)
  3. Michael Buble (Jazz - Soft Pop)
  4. Kaskade (House DJ)
  5. Imagine Dragons (Alternative Rock - Indie)
  6. Coldplay (Soft Rock - Alternative)
  7. Colbie Calliat (Soft Pop, Easy Listening)
  8. Blackmill (Soft House DJ, Electronic)
  9. Owl City (Electronic, Pop)
  10. Frou Frou / Imogen Heap (Indie Pop)


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