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Reasons To Wake Up...EARLY.

Most of you read this title and thought, 
"Yeah right...not gonna happen."

No matter what time you go to bed or wake up, 
most of us choose to sleep in all the way until we have to get up for
work, school, an appointment, or to accomplish things on our to-do list. 


So, why should you wake up EARLIER? 

Does waking up even 10 minutes earlier make a difference? (yes!)
Does sleeping in an extra 30 minutes really help us be less tired throughout the day? (no!)

Waking Up Early Makes You:
  1. Proactive
  2. More organized
  3. Productive
    • Get stuff done that you normally put off or don't feel like doing after a long day at work.
  4. Relaxed
    • Less rushed or stressed (you don't want to start the day off feeling this way, do you?)
  5. Eat better breakfasts
    • It's the "most important meal of the day"...but really.
  6. More active
  7. Build/maintain stronger relationships with family or spouse (if they wake up early too)
    • This can also help your relationship with God if you pray or do a bible study in the morning.
  8. Have better commutes
    • ...and not have to speed or put yourself at a dangerous risk due to running late.

You should already be convinced by now...
but I decided to go the extra mile and give you the whole "shin-dig!"

Other Articles of Proof: Benefits and Advantages of Waking Up Early

How To Become an Early Riser (The Easier Way)
  1. Go to bed earlier.
  2. Do something relaxing or meditative before bed to get a better night's rest.
    • Stretch
    • Read
    • Bubble bath
    • Exercise/yoga
    • Meditate/pray
  3. Refrain from looking at the TV or computer right before bed. The LED or bright lights can affect your sleep. Also, don't drink caffeine past 2 p.m.
  4. Be gradual with your early rising routine. Set alarm at least 5 minutes earlier each night until you are able to wake up early on a normal basis. Doing it in small increments will make it easier to wake up early in the long run.
  5. Put your alarm clock far from the bed so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Don't get back into bed.
    • REMEMBER: The best part of waking up may be "Folger's in your cup"...but the hardest part is getting out of bed and staying out! 
    • Once you are up, out of bed, and out of the bedroom after your alarm goes off, you've already accomplished the biggest and most difficult step to becoming an early riser.
  6. Have a reason to wake up in the morning, such as accomplishing a to-do list or activity before work/school.
    • Yoga or meditation.
    • Go for a 30-minute jog or walk.
    • Make a delicious and healthy breakfast for you and/or your family.
    • Have a 30-minute bible study or quiet time.
    • Sit with your spouse on the porch (drink coffee, watch sunrise, chat) for quality time together. 
  7. Manage your schedule ahead of time so you know how early you need to wake up and make it an effective morning.
    • Example: If you need to leave by 7 a.m. for work, but want to exercise, shower, and make a good breakfast beforehand (approx. 2 hours total), set your alarm and wake up at 5 a.m. 



Here's the list of things you can do
(and reasons why) you should

Write your daily to-do list

Go to the gym or to a fitness class

Go for a jog or walk

Walk the dog

Spend time with your pets

Read the newspaper or watch the news

Bible study/quiet time with God

Experience more peacefulness and serenity

Read a book

Relax in a bubble bath and shave thoroughly 
(for once)

Have time to fix and style your hair

Cook a delicious and healthy breakfast

Prepare food for lunch/dinner, use the crockpot!

Go to a coffee shop

Make a coffee and donut run for spouse/family

Tend the garden, water plants

Leave a sweet surprise/note for spouse in their car, wallet, etc. 
(be creative)

Watch the sunrise

Sit on porch and drink coffee/tea

Have quality conversation time with spouse over coffee/tea

Straighten up the house

Make your bed

Get a load of clothes washed

Pay bills

Check personal emails and social media 
(unless you are allowed to do this at work)

Get car worked on/oil changed, beat the long waiting list

Leave earlier and beat rush hour traffic

Leave earlier and get a better parking spot

Meet a friend or family member for breakfast at a coffee shop/cafe



"The Early Bird Gets The Worm"

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