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America's Best And Worst States To Live In

This information is based on physical health, emotional health, well-being, and life expectancy rates, according to 2012 statistics. Go to Huffington Posts to learn more. 

In order from Happiest to 
Most Miserable states to live in:

1. Hawaii

2. Colorado

3. Minnesota

4. Utah

5. Vermont

6. Montana

7. Nebraska

8. New Hampshire

9. Iowa

10. Massachusetts

11. Maryland

12. South Dakota

13. Wyoming

14. Virginia

15. Washington (state)

16. Connecticut

17. Kansas

18. California

19. North Dakota

20. Wisconsin

21. Maine

22. Idaho

22. Arizona

23. Oregon

24. New Mexico

25. Delaware

26. Texas

27. Illinios

28. Pennsylvania

29. New York

31. Alaska

32. New Jersey

33. Georgia

34. Florida

35. North Carolina

36. Michigan

37. Rhode Island

38. Missouri

39. Nevada

40. South Carolina

41. Oklahoma

42. Indiana

43. Louisiana

44. Ohio

45. Alabama

46. Arkansas

47. Tennessee

48. Mississippi

49. Kentucky 

and finally...

50. West Virginia

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