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Facial Products: Effects of Mixing Different Brands

Is mixing different brands of makeup and other beauty products okay? Yes and No.


Most people believe brands "recommend" that you to buy only their products so they can get more sales, even though on the back of the bottle it says "for best results." 

Honestly, the brand is telling the truth. Everyone has different skin chemistries and balances. But the important thing to remember here is using the same brand will give you the best results. Any given brand's products were all chemically designed and formulated to work well with one another. 

In general, mixing up different makeup brands is okay. But everyone is different. Everyone has different skin chemistries and may react to certain brands or makeup applications in different ways. For some, applying different brands does not affect them at all, but for others, it causes their skin to break out in acne, rashes, or worse. 

Mainly, facial products are NOT recommended to mix different brands with for application. This includes liquid and powder foundation/base, moisturizers and creams, primer, concealer, bronzer and blush, sunscreen, 
and even makeup remover. 

Using different product brands for your lips, brows, or eyes are not negatively affected at all. Doing this is completely fine and normal, and you shouldn't have any kind of reaction to these areas. This includes things such as lipstick/gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyelid primer, etc. 

Why do facial products matter most?

They matter most's your face! It's the part of your body that is always exposed and is usually the first thing people see when they look at you. If you use makeup at all, you obviously want to have a pretty complexion and look. So wouldn't you want to know about these tips?

Example: Personal Experience

I used Mary Kay liquid foundation, Mary Kay facial moisturizer, N.Y.C bronzer,  and Neutrogena eye makeup remover/facial cleansing pads. My face broke out consistently, and I never had acne problems before I started using different brand products on my face. My mistake was I kept using these products on my face because I wasn't going to throw away a perfectly new box of makeup remover cloths and definitely not my expensive Mary Kay products. Once I ran out, I remembered to stick to one brand. 
  • I chose to stick with Mary Kay because I am in LOVE with their products, but I had to spend a little more extra on the little things (like bronzer and makeup remover) that I normally would try to find the cheapest one on the shelf at a department store. 

Conclusion: Advice from Beauty Professionals

It doesn't matter whether you buy a cheap or expensive brand of makeup products. But to ensure the BEST results for clear skin, anti-aging effectiveness, or whatever goal you are going for, make sure you use the SAME BRAND for your facial products. 

Again, any given brand's products were all chemically designed and formulated to go well with each other, which is why the brand recommends you sticking to their product. 

P.S. Another Important Beauty Tip!!! 

Switch out your pillow cases on a regular basis (at least once a week). When you sleep, your pillows become filthy with oil, sweat, mildew (if you don't blow dry your hair after a shower), leftover makeup particles that weren't properly washed off, and even drool (for the heavy sleepers). You need to change out your pillow cases more than you do your sheets. 

Also, if you notice acne started to appear on your chin, cheeks, or forehead, consider where you have been putting your hands throughout the day. A lot of student and career people may start to get acne especially on their chin and jaw line area because they touch their lower face a lot or rest their face in their hands/fist. Throughout the day, your hands accumulate germs, oil, dirt, and other bacteria. When you touch your face a lot (even when you don't realize how much you do), you may start to break out in acne or itchy rashes. And you might be rubbing off your makeup that you applied earlier! (That's why we usually don't have as much coverage at the end of the day).

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