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Cats VS. Dogs


  1. Don’t stink.
  2. Very soft fur coat.
  3. Very lovable and perfect for cuddling. They usually have great personalities and can be very entertaining to play with.
  4. Don’t have to be walked.
  5. Don’t have to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.
  6. Very low maintenance pets
  7. Don’t have to be played with or given a ton of attention. But usually receive it gladly when you want to give them attention. 
  8. Clean themselves, you never have to give a bath.
  9. Don’t have to be fed each time they are hungry. They eat when they are hungry so you can leave out a bowl of food and not worry that it will be emptied in one day.
  10. Potty trained extremely fast as a kitten, without much effort. Just stick a litter box nearby!
  11. Can catch and kill all the rodents pestering your home basement or attic.
  12. If you go on vacation, you normally won't have to get a pet-sitter. Cats can fend for themselves and won't eat all the food you lay out at once. They are very low maintenance and don't need a crazy amount of attention as dogs normally do. 
  13. Don't have to take cats on a walk....and it would be strange if you did. So don't.
  14. Reduces your risk of a heart attack/stroke/cardiovascular disease
  15. Reduces stress and lowers blood pressure
  16. Enhances mood
  17. Lowers cholesterol
  18. Helps with loneliness and depressions
  19. Strengthens immunity


  1. Playful.
  2. Always happy to see you.
  3. Protectors / good watch-dogs.
  4. Intimidating to outsiders.
  5. Come in big, medium, small, or teacup sizes.
  6. Will eat almost anything you give them.
  7. Cleans kitchen floor without having to pull out a broom or mop.
  8. Energetic.
  9. Loyal.
  10. Can easily find their way back home if lost.
  11. Many can be great hunting companions. 
  12. Many can be great running/jogging buddies. 
  13. Less likely for an intruder to come to your house.
  14. Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  15. Reduce stress and lowers blood pressure
  16. Helps with loneliness and depression
  17. Increases activity for the owner (walk dog, playful, active)
  18. Great assistance companions (blind, handicap, old, sick) 
  19. Strengthens immunity


  1. Can scratch up your furniture or carpet (unless declawed as a baby kitten).
  2. Can ruin ornaments on a Christmas tree...or make the whole tree fall over.
  3. Litter box has to be somewhere in or near the house, but the smell of a litter box is not very pleasant. Put in laundry room or garage. 
  4. They can be really cranky, depending on the personality of your cat. But their bite won't hurt near as much as a dog's bite. They may scratch you, though. 
  5. If you live out in the countryside or near rat-infested areas, cat may bring his kill back into your home to show it off to you --dead or still alive. This can include rats, baby moles, small birds, frogs, etc.
  6. Most cats shed. Purchase a lint roller!
  7. Cats are more likely than dogs to get ring worms. Make sure they get their shots and vaccinations.
  8. More people are allergic to cats than dogs, you may have at least one friend that is allergic. So you might have to hang out at their house instead.
  9. If you have too many cats, you might be called a "Crazy Cat Lady." Or just a weirdo if you are a man with a lot of cats. (still not sure why having a lot of cats is such a bad thing?

  1. Can stink really bad, especially if outdoor dogs. Bad breath? Let's not even go there.
  2. Can chew up and ruin hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of stuff, especially during their puppy/teething stage (and especially large dogs). This includes furniture, shoes, outlet cords, plants, indoor and outdoor decor, fences, porch posts and chairs, etc.
  3. Dogs are more likely to get ran over by vehicles. Many like to chase wheels on cars, aren't "scaredy cats" and will walk out into the road without looking around, or will see a squirrel or other animal and start chasing it. If you have outdoor dogs, keep them fenced in a large backyard area or get The Invisible Fence collar. If you take them on a walk, make sure they are on a leash. 
  4. Can be very aggressive or mean during certain circumstances. This especially needs to be taken precaution if the dog was adopted at it's adult life (could have had an abusive previous owner) or may have an aggressive personality. Be careful when choosing a dog if you have small children.
  5. Medium to High-maintenance. If indoor dogs, you must take them outside to go to the bathroom, feed them and give them water when it's time to eat, play with them and give them a lot of attention. If outdoor dogs, you still have to make sure they are fed at least twice a day and have plenty of water. 
  6. If you take them on a walk, you have to pick up their poop in a baggie and throw away if you are the city limits. 
  7. If you go on vacation, you almost always have to have a pet-sitter or someone you know take care of them while you are gone. They need to be fed, given water, taken outside to go to the bathroom, played with, etc. 
  8. More likely to step in dog poop if you have outdoor dogs. More likely to have poop stains on the carpet and have to clean up poop from the floor if you have indoor dogs. Cats do it all in the litter box (unless kittens, then they will still have accidents). 
  9. If you have indoor dogs, your house will start to stink and smell like "dog." Cats don't normally have a smell. 

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