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Camping: Cool Gadgets and Smart Tips

Useful for reading outside, especially when there is a breeze

Recycle Mio containers to reuse for smaller proportions of condiments instead of bringing the whole bottle

Perfect component for laying out on the beach

If you don't have a camper and the ground isn't good for tents, you could always make a truck tent!

Bee trap ingredients: vinegar, sugar, and salt.

Portable grill, perfect if you don't have a campfire or grill at the campsite.

Reserved towel for the beach

 Reuse coke bottle to catch drippings from a liquid dispenser.

Life-Sized for adults.

Place a headlight around a water jug to emit more light and use as a lantern.

Foldable Picnic Table...perfect if you are going to a remote camping site without a table there. 

Walkable sleeping bags

Fun game for kids and adults while camping, have a reward or prize whoever gets it all done first. 

Tevas: Most comfortable flip flops with good quality binding and not slippery when wet (awesome alternative to cheap flip flops that break easily). The longer you wear them, the more you won't want to take them off. 


Bee sting? Rub a penny over it for a few minutes and the swelling/sting will go away. Keep one in your pocket.

Wasp spray is BETTER than pepper spray, and is less suspicious or weird if you carry it around with you walking in the woods. Wasp spray is good for keeping you safe from not only wasps, but dangerous people and animals too!

See-through kayak, perfect for beach (if it's a clear water area).

Perfect tent for large families or friends, tents zip together to make it as large as you want for the people camping with you.

Place wet or dirty shoes in a shower cap to keep dirt from getting on your towels or clothes when packing up. 


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**A DIY car kit should be in a small to medium sized container, with a zipping or buckling component to ensure the items stay inside. It can be a flimsy material bag, or a sturdy plastic container. But make sure it is small enough that it will not take up a lot of space in your back seat. The ideal size would be able to fit underneath the seat or on the floorboard.

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First of all, what do I mean by a "DIY Wedding?"

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