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Smart Storage Ideas

Storage space is a BIG DEAL.
It's important for potential buyers and when looking for a new home.

But even if you already have a home or looking for a new home that doesn't 
have a lot of storage space, 
YOU CAN ADD THESE THINGS to your home to
increase buyer potential, space, and organization.


Living Room, Entry Hall

1) Built-in shelves under staircase

 2) Built-in storage components under staircase

3) Unique "globe" for alcohol storage

4) Hide laundry mat with doors to block noise, utilize closet space

5) Coffee table/foot rest, reversible, great for storage and convenience 

6) Storage space in stairs

7) Pull-out shelves as a stepping stool

8) Hang baskets in entry hall for each house members mail/stuff

9) Corner desk saves room and looks great, utilize empty corners



1) Utilize space under cabinets for additional storage

2) Built-in storage space on cabinet doors

3) Utilize "fake" drawer under sink as storage space

4) Pull-out drawer for cooking utensils, 
clear up counter space

5) Dividers in drawers for cooking sheets/pans

6) Corner drawers for larger storage space 
instead of smaller individual drawers

7) Pull-out cabinet for pots/pans storage

8) Built-in mini fridge under counter

9) Pull-out narrow drawer for 
canned goods/spices storage

10) Pull-out drawer under sink for storage

11) Instead of using a room for a wine cellar, utilize wall space
or similar with cylinder pipes for wine storage

12) Pop-up outlet plug, counter space saver

13) Hide pet food/water in cabinet drawer, 
can be placed in kitchen, laundry room, etc.

14) 3-Level "stacked" shelving for pantry items, 
easy to find needed items, great organization

15) Hang components on cabinet doors 
for additional storage

16) Freezer and fridge storage/organization idea

17) Save drawer space by storing plastic wrap, 
etc in cabinet/pantry like this



1) Revolving drawer idea for shoe storage

2) Pull-out narrow drawer for shoe storage in closet

3) Bed pull-up spring for easy access to 
under-bed storage

4) Pull-up bed, good for small spaces or 
guest rooms when not in use

5) Attractive built-in storage space under bed

6) Utilize wall or dresser side as storage space

7) Long mirror stand that has 
jewelry storage inside

8) Built-in drawers to make room 
look larger and save space

9) Built-in shelves on closet door for 
additional storage space

10) Add shelves to outside of dresser 
for additional storage space

11) Ottoman by day, quest cot/bed by night,
great for additional quests 

12) Peg board organization/storage,
great for jewelry, work space, tools, utensils, etc.

13) Hot glue lids to bottom of a shelve to save counter space,
great for crafts, jewelry, building supplies (nails, screws, etc), etc.

14) Inward outlet plug, plug-in cords won't stick 
out far, space saver



1) Add storage components to cabinet doors for storage space

2) Utilize space under bathtub as storage

3) Pull-out narrow drawer for additional storage

 4) Hidden drawer near toilet for plunger, etc.

5) Revolving component to save storage 
space in cabinets

 6) Add mantle to long mirror in bathroom for 
appearance and additional storage

 7) Add shelf to top of doors for additional storage space

 8) Built-in storage space behind long mirror in bathroom


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